The Purpose

In the year 2015, there were 388,458 traffic tickets issued in the city of Calgary from photo radar enforcement for speed-related violations. Historically, year-over-year statistics show that infractions caught by fixed cameras installed at intersections are declining, while tickets issued by officers or mobile radar vehicle continues to increase. You may say the police department has heightened their visibility late years with additional crew members and that’s the reason behind the spike in revenue and tickets. On the contrary, I think the aim of deploying more visible officers should be to enhance drivers safety cautiousness and awareness in and around our city street for the long haul. Major construction sites and school or playground zones that are alongside highways are also vulnerable to excessive speeding. Placing SCBs at or close to the END CONSTRUCTION zone signs, in addition to regular police radar vehicle patrol, will promote safety cautiousness and drastically improve drivers awareness. Educating and encouraging the public to be in the right frame of mind for the condition and state of the road is vital.

We can extrapolate from the above data that drivers who are made aware of traffic enforcement equipment, such as fixed speed cameras, will travel at safe speeds and are more aware of the speed at which their vehicle is traveling.

Since mobile photo radar vehicles are unmarked and drivers do not know where they are placed, the presence of these vehicles do nothing to combat speeding or make the roads safer.

SCB, short for ‘Speed Control Board’ is an actual-size replica billboard of a model police vehicle that acts as a piece of traffic enforcement and safety tool. By placing SCBs throughout our city/highway in areas known to have excessive speeding or areas with a high rate of accidents, will bring attention to drivers, letting them know there is a chance for police enforcement to be present.

The driver can never be confident whether the SCB they see from a distance is a real police enforcement vehicle or SCB. With humans capable of fifty thousand thoughts daily, the driver frame of mind will automatically shift from any other thought they were previously having to the thought at hand while they drive by. This will cause drivers to slow down to the posted speed limit upon seeing a SCB, similar to how drivers ensure they are not driving over the speed limit upon approaching a fixed camera.

SCB as an additional safety tool will update drivers sub-conscious minds and help them to recognize that there is an additional safety tool on the road. In the future, full compliance to the SCB concept will free up resources for various law enforcement department to allocate to severe crimes and community-supported initiatives.