The Mission of Speed Control Board

A drivers license is a privilege for enhancing one’s freedom and independence. It allows one to travel faster just about anywhere.

While driving, the state of mind is vital to the reaction time of the driver. Usually, a driver gets in a safe driving mode when a police car is seen. However, it is human nature to overlook the severity of the road environment and disregard the posted warning signs and rules of the road. When the signs and rules are ignored by drivers in these critical zones, who is looking out for the vulnerable in these zones when the law enforcement is not present? With a BOLD signage like SCB, you can be right assure of law enforcement representation at all time. Let the driver “THINK” when approaching SCB individually and act accordingly.

Just as we know and agree that no man is perfect in life, we would like to remind all of us that no one is immune to reckless and unsafe driving habits.

Violators are fined for ground-level violations and we hope the message to the violator is clear. What happens if the message is not clear? What happens if they keep up with the current practices? I suppose we think of them paying traffic violations fines is just normal. But, the accident in waiting is just being deferred. And that’s why here at Speed Control Board we believe that together we can make a permanent lasting change on the driver’s state of mind.

Mission Statement

To create safe driving habits for our current society and for future generations. Many activities can be dangerous, driving should not. SCBs are designed to raise awareness, educate drivers, and assist police by providing an additional enforcement tool to make roadways safer.