The Differentiation

Speed Control Boards are different from traditional methods of speed enforcement such as fixed traffic cameras and photo radar in several ways.

There is no requirement for the city to post a sign to inform drivers that there is an upcoming photo radar since the signs act as informational pieces.

SCBs can be placed at any location for an unlimited duration of time or moved around easily. SCBs are not designed to replace police. They are intended to provide an additional tool they can use to make a larger impact.

The billboards are much more versatile than fixed traffic cameras because they can be moved around and also cost less than hiring additional officers to operate photo radar vehicles.

We have a patent-pending for this product.

SCBs are unique and different from other billboard because these are mounted to the ground at eye-level, instead of at a raised height like other traditional billboards. This allow them to look like other parked vehicles, but will stand out due to the unique safety messages written on the board.

Safety messages written on the boards will be customized depending on where the board is placed. (for example, a different message if it is placed in a playground zone versus a construction zone)