Speed Control Board Strategy

Adapting to the Speed Control Board CONCEPT is critical to the following conditions. First, public education and awareness is key to the successful implementation of the SCB concept. And second, the willingness of city traffic enforcement officials to engage in the business of drivers developing GOOD long-term driving habits in speed restricted zones due to a foreseeing events that might be deadly and not just for the fines.

Targeting urban and rural locations encourages drivers to maintain consistent driving habits regardless of where they are driving. Some drivers may feel the desire to speed on larger roads versus smaller backroads. Other zones of deployment include areas with higher levels of human foot traffic, such as construction and playground zones. It is particularly important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings in these locations.

SCB can be placed in locations where police frequently park photo radar vehicles. This will give law enforcement officials an additional method of disguise. Installing SCB on the roads for days, weeks or months in the same location with or without a real police photo radar vehicle regularly patrolling from time-to-time will keep drivers on their toes.

As the public and drivers become familiar with the SCBs, authorities can easily move the locations of the boards to different areas throughout the city as needed.