Project Overview

Speeding on the road poses a risk to other drivers and cost taxpayers time and money when collisions occur. The attitude from drivers is that speeding is acceptable as long as they do not get caught and that there is no harm in driving over the posted speed limit.

The Speed Control Board herein referred to as SCB, is designed to create and improve safe driving habits in our society and imprint the concept in future generations to come. The goal of this board is to make drivers more aware of their surroundings and educate them that it is possible for police enforcement vehicle to be present anywhere, ultimately creating a shift in their attitude towards excessive speeding.

As the saying goes; ninety-nine days for the thief, one day for the master. Only in this case, I am a driver in the city, and I drive my entire family around daily. I am concerned about who’s “one day” is up and with whom shall the person collide. Hopefully not you or me. However, I believe you got the point. Allowing such a driver to FREE FLOW pass through construction and playground zones without a BOLD replica or real law enforcement representation could lead to disaster in waiting. I would suggest to Let the driver “THINK”, do you FREE FLOW pass the SCB ahead in a speed restricted zone? YES/NO

Through the targeted deployment of SCB, there will be a decrease in speeding, resulting in fewer collisions, which in turn will lead to fewer interruptions in traffic flow and less police, ambulance and fire department being sent to clean up accidents.