About the Project Creator

Francis Duworko is currently a semi-truck driver who has a background in pedagogical social work, he works with children in refugee camps to observe the parent-child behaviour between families. He has education in determining family patterns and educating others on parenting techniques that can create long-lasting solutions rather than short-term results. Through this work, he has gained valuable experience in analyzing trends and creating a shift in behaviours through different methodologies.

On March 21st, 2017, while driving in his car, Francis listened to a report from the chief safety officer on the CBC radio that speeding has become a rampant problem throughout the city of Calgary. The radio report indicated that more law enforcement would be deployed in the month of April and May that year to help combat this issue.

This led Francis to question the effectiveness of the short two-month campaign to increase police presence and whether it would have any long-term improvements to the attitudes and driving habits of drivers. Through several meetings communications with Constable Randy MacDonald and Sergeant Darren Woods of the Calgary police force, Francis was able to create a concept that would increase police presence at all times without having the need to hire and train more photo radar police officers. The existing photo radar crew would now have an additional tool that can be placed anywhere to serve as a BOLD deterrent to drivers.

Creator’s testimony; “I have been studying the rapid changes in drivers behavior towards Calgary traffic, including but not limited to school/playground and construction zones and highways. Since 2009 when I got the first speeding ticket in the mail from a construction zone that I had passed weeks earlier and was not aware of my speed at the time until I got the mail. As I got the ticket I immediately attempted to slow down in my mind but it was two weeks too late. I tried looking for the zone on the ticket and when I found it, I quickly realized that there was no construction activities going on there any longer. And the radar vehicle that was present at the time did nothing to help me avoid speeding through that site instead fulfilled it duty and not mine. This really hurts since most of us drivers do not drive intentionally to break traffic laws.

This got me to think about how I could help to bring about immediate attention to drivers when they are at the scenes of construction or play/school zones. On march 21,2017 , CBC radio reported that the Calgary Traffic police department was going to deploy more traffic official and vehicle to stress the importance to drivers that speeding is still a major and increasing problem on the road. This news did it for me, over the past few years, through consultations with Sgt. Woods and Cst. MacDonald of the Calgary traffic police force I have developed a concept that will improve driving in these areas and leave a psychological imprint in individual driver’s mind. The SCB concept will start in critical areas in the first year or so and once adapted by drivers it could move to high ways and rural areas in the country side to deterrent solo drivers driving long distances.

There are lots of concluding solutions that I’ve come up with that will assist drivers and law enforcement officials make Calgary a leader city to face out excessive speeding in our society”.