Reducing Speed-Related Accidents

What is the Speed Control Board?

Speed Control Board is an actual-size replica billboard of a model police vehicle. They act as a piece of traffic enforcement equipment and a safety tool, primarily focused on reducing speed-related accidents.

Speed Control Boards placed throughout the city in areas known to have excessive speeding or high rates of accidents, will bring attention to drivers, letting them know there is a chance for speed enforcement. Drivers will not be sure whether the car they see from a distance is a real police vehicle or a billboard. Disobeying the speed limit posted in vicinity of these boards will be deliberate. And, when the driver is caught by a life law enforcement vehicle disguised behind the billboard, the driver will be informed. Every driver that gets such a violation ticket will “THINK” before either responding or reacting to the CONCEPT of the billboard next time the driver approaches one .

As a result, drivers will slow down to the posted speed limit upon seeing a Speed Control Board. This is similar to how drivers ensure they are not driving over the speed limit upon approaching a fixed speed camera.

With the deployment of Speed Control Boards throughout the city, we should see an increase in speed awareness from drivers. Therefore, leading to a decline in speed-related accidents.

Why the Speed Control Board is Effective?

There are 3 key reasons why the SCB project is successful

  1. The simplicity of the product
    The concept is simple and straightforward, making it easy for both drivers and officials to comprehend. There isn’t complicated technology or moving parts to install. SCBs are lightweight and agile, but can also withstand various elements.
  2. An additional tool to enforce driver safety
    Traffic enforcement officers have an extra utility at their disposal to bring awareness to drivers and inform them that speed is still an issue. Photo radar and police vehicles can use SCBs to disguise their vehicles. It is hard for drivers to know from a distance whether the vehicle on the side of the road is an SCB or an actual police vehicle. Even when the driver is aware that what they see is a billboard, the driver can’t still be certain whether there is law enforcement vehicle disguise behind it. This will force the driver again to THINK AND OBEY. The sooner the drivers and traffic safety enforcement officers understand the CONCEPT and need of SCB and adapt it as part of our society, the sooner law enforcement, fire department and ambulance resources would be free up for other important services.
  3. Cost-effective solution
    SCB is cheaper than hiring and training additional police officers to operate photo radar. It challenges drivers to continuous traffic alertness. It improves road safety cautiousness and awareness as it is BOLD. It is also safer than having humans parked on the side of the road for law enforcement routine. It frees up resources for police taskforce to address other calls. Finally, it will reduce accidents, meaning there will be fewer roadway cleanups or calls for police, ambulance, and firefighters.

Reduce Speed-Related Accidents in Your Community

Is there an opportunity to expand SCB to your community?

SCBs can be deployed to multiple cities or communities. The Board design can be modified to match the style of local police vehicles. The boards can also be designed for RCMP officers to deploy on major highways. SCB come in different styles, front, side and back billboard.

There is very little work required to modify or change the design to fit the needs of different locations. We can work alongside officials from a particular location to ensure the specifications of the SCBs match the design and style of the police vehicles in their city or town.